Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Music Videos
Beyonce & Shakira/Beautiful Liar
Here it is, guys! The untagged, GR8 quality of the HOTT new video of BL!!!!!!! Check it out!
I'm working on a new banner, guys!!! I'm also working on making every post have a picture, kinda like most blogs... Anyways, it's been getting very hectic, but I promise to keep FM my Numero Uno priority!
New Singles/Recommended Single
Rihanna & Nicole Scherzinger/Willing Woman
SO HOT!!!! I've been waiting for this for awhile now, and the girls don't disappoint!! I love it!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Recommended Single
Tila Tequila/I Love U
Tila's HOT new single!!! Produced by Lil' Jon. If u haven't already, go buy her single from iTunes NOW!!
Recommended Single will be a nearly daily section of FM from now on. I hope to introduce you to artists you never heard of before...
New Singles
Beyonce & Shakira/Beautiful Liar
Credit: My awesome friend Jordan from Pulse!!! U ROCK!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Singles
Beyonce/Amor Gitano (Full)
CDRip!! I love this song! B'Day re-release on April 3rd!

Friday, February 23, 2007

New Videos
Lumidee/She's Like The Wind

Hot!!! New video from Lum and Tony Sunshine. I love the song, and the video is great!! Lumidee's new album, Unexpected, in stores this March!
The videos for "Like A Boy" and "Candyman" have premiered, but all of u have probably seen them, so no post.
Recommended Single
Lola/I Can't Take It
I soooo love this song! Prod. by Scott Storch.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Singles
Brooke Valentine/Show Stopper
New Brooke!!! This is a sultry, hot ballad...
Brooke Valentine/Tempting
Another new Brooke!!!! It's a ballad.
New Singles
Beyonce/World Wide Woman (HQ)
CD Rip of the new Bee song!!!!!! I am sooo loving Bee right now! Check back lata for my review of DREAMGIRLS.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Singles
Nivea/Nobody (Feat. Akon)
I think this is new... not sure.

Monday, February 19, 2007

New Singles
Danity Kane/Touchin' My Body (Extended)
This is the extended version of Danity Kane's 3rd single! Love the rap at the beginning!!! I would've liked "Hold Me Down" as a single, but I like this.
Kelly Clarkson/One Minute (Live)
HQ version of the song Kelly performed live. I like it, but I hope it's not the new single...
Avril Lavigne/The Best Damn Thing (Clips)
Credit: JonnyAli
1. Everything Back But You
2. I Can Do Better
3. When You're Gone
I love Avril's new songs!!!!! "Everything Back But You" is a rock banga that makes u rock out! "I Can Do Better" is an 'in-ur-face' song that is so hot! "When Ur Gone" is a ballad... a sad one. I love all of them! THE BEST DAMN THING in stores April 17!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Singles
Kelly Rowland/Like This (Feat. Eve) (Best Quality)
This is the best quality I could find of Kells' new single...
Also, I haven't updated in awhile because I'm working on various remixes, which I'll post here.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Singles
Natasha Bedingfield/Babies (HQ)
This is an HQ version of "Babies"!! I am so loving this track! It's catchy and funny. It reminds me of something Lily Allen would do...
FULL UPDATE lata today!

Friday, February 16, 2007

New Singles
Chilli/Straight Jack (Feat. Missy)
New single from Chilli's upcoming album, Point of View. It's okay...
Natasha Bedingfield/Babies
Download @ Kevipod
I love this track! I have to admit, at first listen I was like 'WTF?!?', but after a few listens I liked it! Her new album is in stores this April!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Singles
Beyonce/Beautiful Liar (Feat. Shakira) (Clip)
This is a clip from the Sports Illustrated video. You can after Shakira say SHAKIRA, SHAKIRA after BEYONCE, BEYONCE and Shakira is singing the spanish parts. Hopefully, a full version will leak soon...
Beyonce/World Wide Woman (Clip)
Another one from the Sports Illt. video. Another hot one, as well!!
Credit for both goes to dc3forever forums!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Singles
JC Chasez/You Ruined Me For Life
Credit: Kaotic_For_Kaos
New song off JC's new album, Kate. Another rocky one. I like it! Can't wait for his Timbo collabo!
I also have the Promo CDRip of "Ordinary Love" by Paris Bennett, which I'll be uploading soon!
R&B Gossip/News
Here is the official cover and tracklisting for the upcoming re-release of Beyonce's B'Day:
Beyonce/B'Day (Deluxe Edition)
Release Date: April 3rd

Disc 1:
1. Deja Vu (Featuring Jay-Z)
2. Get Me Bodied
3. Suga Mama
4. Upgrade U (Featuring Jay-Z)
5. Ring The Alarm
6. Kitty Kat
7. Freakum Dress
8. Green Light
9. Irreplaceable
10. Resentment
11. Check On It (Featuring Slim Thug & Bun B)
12. Listen
13. Beautiful Liar (Featuring Shakira)
14. If
15. Flaws & All
Disc 2:
1. Amor Gitano (Featuring Alejandro Fernandez)

2. Oye (Spanish Version of "Listen")
3. Irrempiazable (Spanish Version of "Irreplaceable")
4. Beautiful Liar (Featuring Shakira) (Spanish Version)
5. Beautiful Liar (Featuring Shakira) (Spanglish Version)
6. Beautiful Liar (Featuring Shakira) (Reggaeton Remix)
Bonus Walmart DVD:
B'Day Anthology Video Album:
1. Kitty Kat (Intro)/Upgrade U (Featuring Jay-Z)
2. Deja Vu (Featuring Jay-Z)
3. Ring The Alarm
4. Irreplaceable
5. Listen
6. Green Light
7. Suga Mama
8. Get Me Bodied
9. Freakum Dress
10. Beautiful Liar (Featuring Shakira)
11. Irrempiazable (Spanish Version of "Irreplaceable")
12. Beautiful Liar (Featuring Shakira) (Spanglish Version)
OMFG!! Soooo many albums are coming out in April. I cannot wait for the re-release of B'Day. It sounds amazing!!
New Singles
Beyonce/Amor Gitano (Featuring Alejandro Fernandez)
This is the theme song for La Espada y La Rosa (The Sword and the Rose), a new soap opera. I love it!! Can't wait for the full version!
Credit: Andre

Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Singles
Ne-Yo/Put Your Hands Up
Credit: Thanks SSJoan!!!
This is a new track from Ne-Yo's upcoming album. It's a little different than Ne-Yo's usual style. It's more of a club banger than a ballad/mid-tempo. So far, I'm liking what I'm hearing!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Singles
Mandy Moore/Nothing That You Are
This is a new Mandy song that was posted on her MySpace. I ripped it for you guys, so credit me if u use it! It's a hot song, so be sure to check it out!
Alicia Keys/Sweet Music
Credit: DanRoman22 from FMSM
This is supposedly new Alicia. Not sure if it is...

Friday, February 09, 2007

So... what do u think of the new layout??? I think it's much better than the last one. Well, I got this layout from my friend Kevin (KevipodMusic). So thanks to him, and my awesome friends Mikey and Luke for reviewing the banner!
New Videos
Carrie Underwood/Wasted

Nice video!! Carrie's videos always rock. I like that she did it in black and white. She's my second fave AI contestant after Katharine. Her album is doing huge things! If you haven't already, go get a copy!
Hilary Duff/With Love

Hot video!!!! As I mentioned before, I'm addicted to this song! Hilary's new album, Dignity, in stores April 3rd!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Here's my new interview with up and coming R&B singer, Lea, who collaborated on the #1 hit "Sunshine" with Lil' Flip.
Q1: When is your album coming out, and what is it titled?
I'm working on getting the album out by the end of this year. Im still not sure what I want to call it. I have a few ideas though
Q2: What will be the first single, or is a strong candidate for the first single?
Im still in the process of recording so I cant really say. It would probably be a new song cause the ones on my My Space page are pretty old already.
Q3: Which producers did you work with? Is it true that you worked with Akon?
I havent had the pleasure of working with Akon. I met him once though. Hes a talented guy. Ive worked with Ryan Leslie, The CornaBoyz, Rico Love, Static, and Mario Winans to name a few,
Q4: How do you keep your beautiful voice in shape?
Thank you! I just sing any chance that I get. I make sure to stay warm and protect my throat in cold weather. I also try not to yell or strain my voice. Vocal excercises are also the key.
Q5: How was it like working with Lil' Flip on the smash hit, "Sunshine"?
It was pretty cool. Hes a nice guy and very respectful for a rapper. It was weird traveling with a bunch of guys but they made is easier by being really sweet :)
Q6: Who would you love to duet with?
Probably Robin Thicke. I love that man!
Q7: What is your favorite song at the moment?
Im loving Robin Thicke's whole album
Q8: Where do you find inspiration to write songs?
Id have to say through experiences I have been through and experiences that friends have been through.
Q9: Is is true you're dating Lil' Flip? And, if not, are you in a relationship?
Definitely NOT! Flip and I did a song together and that was IT! Nothing more. Im not currently dating. Music is my number one passion.
Q10: What is your favorite type of music?
I love all types of music. I can appreciate all art forms. I mostly listen to R&B though
Q11: What is, in your opinion, the best song you ever recorded?
Id have to say Im Gone cause its the first song where I actually push my range and reach my potential as a vocalist.
Q12: Alot of artists are shedding their clothes to sell. Do you feel the pressure to do that? (I hope not!)
Not at all. Im such a tomboy and my whole life Ive been more comfortable wearing baggy comfortable clothes. Dont get me wrong, it is fun to dress sexy sometimes and IM sure Ill fit in a Maxim cover here and there but it wont be to sell albums. It'll mostly be like playing dress up! I have faith that my talent alone can sell albums. We'll just have to wait and see if it does :)

Next Interview: I had a chance to do an interview with Golden Globe and SAG awards winner Jennifer Hudson. She talked about everything from her album to the supposed fued with Beyonce. Check back lata for it!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Singles
Gwen Stefani & Akon/The Sweet Escape (Konvict Remix)
Credit: Candyland from FMSM
Hot new remix of "The Sweet Escape"!!! I'm totally loving this! It kinda sounds like "Smack That", but hotter! Enjoy!
New Singles
Ashley Tisdale Bonus Tracks
I Will Be Me
I'm really loving this track. It's a nice, laidback ballad that would've fit perfectly on the album.
Who I Am
This has a techno-y feel to it. It is hot!!!!
It's Life
Another techno jam!! These bonuses should've really been on the album. I'm loving them.
Jennifer Lopez/Como Ama Una Mujer (Samples)
These are just instrumental clips of songs on Como Ama Una Mujer. They are short, but you can tell what the feel of the album is. Jennifer is taking a break from her usual pop/R&B songs, and is going for a ballad/rock route. It works for her. I like it. Como Ama Una Mujer in stores April 3rd.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So I coverted the videos from the HSM Tour from MPEGII to WMV, so I could upload them.
"WE'LL BE TOGETHER" by Ashley Tisdale
"HEADSTRONG" by Ashley Tisdale
"HE SAID, SHE SAID" by Ashley Tisdale (LQ)
*Link Coming Soon*
"SAY OK" by Vanessa Hudgens
*Link Coming Soon*
"MISS POPULARITY" (Clip) by Jordan Pruitt (LQ)
*Link Coming Soon*
"BREAKING FREE" by Drew Seeley & Vanessa Hudgens
*Link Coming Soon*
More to come!!!
ENJOY! All the videos are HQ unless listed.

New Videos


So here is the new Fergie video!!! I'm liking this. Fergie looks great, and the video is totally hot. The dancing is awesome, and it's different from her previous videos. ENJOY!!!

Credit: Ali's Blog

Monday, February 05, 2007

New Singles
Avril Lavigne/Girlfriend
SO FREAKIN' HOT!!!!! Avril's amazing new single!!! It's so dancey and rocky!!! The Best Damn SONG EVER!!!! Remember, The Best Damn Thing in stores April 17th!
Lumidee/She's Like The Wind
I just heard this song, and it's great!!!! I didn't listen to it before because I thought it would be bad, but it's hot!

Friday, February 02, 2007

So Ashley Tisdale leaked... and I love it!!! HEADSTRONG is an amazing album. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed. Pick up your copy Feb. 6!!!!!! I know I will
BEHIND THE SCENES of Fergie's New Video

It looks great!!!! "Glamorous" has always been my favorite song off The Dutchess, so I'm happy that it's a single! It looks like a fun video, and the dancing is awesome, as well. It should premiere soon, so be on the look out!
Katharine McPhee 'Over It'
Pictures from the video have surfaced, and here they are:

Katharine looks beautiful as usual. Credit: Kevipod
Katharine McPhee in stores now!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Singles
Jordan Pruitt - Waiting For The Weekend (Target Bonus Track)
XCLUSIVE!! Ripped by ME! Credit if used. This is a bonus track from the Target edition of Jordan Pruitt's debut, No Ordinary Girl. It's a hot, latin-tinged crunky R&B club banga! It should've been on the album. It's fantastic. This is something I'll bump on my WEEKEND MIX.