Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sorry for not posting in awhile... 10 days to be exact!! LOL! I was EXTREMELY BUSY!
New Singles
Usher/Make It Rain (Snippet)
Average club song by Uusher. It was generic, but it was nice to hear something new of Usher. Enjoy!
Natasha Bedingfield/N.B. (Sampler)
1. Babies
2. How Do U Do?
3. Say It Again
4. Soulmate
5. Tricky Angel
Credit: EnglishBoila
I am sooo hyped for the new Tash album!!! ENJOY!
JC Chasez/U Ruined Me
HOT NEW JC SONG!!! By far, this is my fave JC song ever!! Kate (or Story of Kate) in stores soon!
THANX to Mandy Moore for actually taking tome to post A COMMENT ON MY MYSPACE!!!