Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Albums
Emma Bunton/Life In Mono
I bet u didn't see that coming! Me posting Emma? Ha! To tell u the truth, I always loved Emma Bunton... I reccomend this. A great album from a fantastic artist!
Mary J Blige/Reflections (A Retrospective)
This is a greatest hits album that consists of some of Mary's biggest hits, and four new songs. Enoy!!
New Singles
Okay, so its not entirely new. Mya recorded it in 05 for her unreleased album, Control Freak. It's hot, so check it out!
R&B Gossip
According to Monica Mania, 50 Cent recently said in an interview that Olivia fans shouldn't worry... she's coming back and harder than ever! Her sohopmore, Second Chance, is being released in the 1st quarter of 07, and Behind Closed Doors has been completely scarpped. That's a shame, 'cause I wanted to hear "Lonely Girl" and "Move That Thing" in full, but I'm sure she'll bring heat! -- Katharine McPhee's debut album has been pushed back to January 2007, according to MTV News. Kat is working with Ryan Leslie (Cassie, Danity Kane), Danja (Jeannie Ortega, Nelly Furtado) and Kara DioGaurdi (Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson). The first single will either be "Open Toes" or "Somebody".

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Singles
Jennifer Lopez/Que Hiciste
This song is amazing!! Jenn really let herself go with this amazing track. Even though it's latin, and I can only understand a few words, I am loving this!! It's and up-tempo and catchy. Can't wait for her first latin album, Como Ama Una Mujer.
New Albums/Samplers
Ciara/Ciara: The Evolution
I didn't listen to the album. I'm patietintly waiting until Monday so I can buy it....
Fanatsia/Fantasia (Album Sampler)
This is one mp3 file containing 5 song samplers.
1. Hood Boy (f/ Big Boi)
2. When I See U
3. Not The Way That I Do
4. I Nominate You
5. I Feel Beautiful
Look later today for an R&B Gossip section.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I just logged onto My Space, and guess who I found online? Rihanna!!! I sent her a message immediately asking her if I could do an interview with her for the site. She replied YES!! She also said that she visited Funky-Media when her career first started because it popped up when she did a search of her name! (If you check back on the first FM site, you'll notice that Rihanna was in the first post EVER and that I refrained from posting her albums, and I promoted her. Anyways, here is the interview:
Funky-Media: So, you have just been on the World Music Awards...
Rihanna: Yeah.
FM:: So, you got booed, which is ridiculous. Your performance was amazing. I can't believe they did that.
R: Well, the music industry is like that. You have your ups, you have your downs. I'm just thankful that I'm in the music industry and that most of my career was great.
FM: So you aren't sad?
R: I was at first, because I put so much energy in the performance, but then I thought about it. Even the greatest artists have been booed at some point in their career, but it shouldn't make you feel bad. If anything, it should boost your career.
FM: That's so true. Anyways, you mentioned you visited Funky-Media before.
R: Yeah, I did. It was back in 2005. I'm thankful for all the coverage you did.
FM: Your welcome. Are you working on new material?
R: A new song of mine hotness ft. Shontelle is on the save the last dance 2 soundtrack. I'm also working on a new album but I'm taking my time. It's not rushed like a girl like me was.
FM: Who are you working with, and can you give me more detalis?
R: I'm working with Evan and Carl. I've also got future studio sessions with Stargate and JR. The album still has no release date or title.
FM: You have had a small role in the latest Bring It On movie, and you appeared on an episode of All My Children. Are you going to work on other movies?
R: I have gotten scripts, and I'm considering a few. Nothing too serious, though.
FM: You went on a tour with the Black Eyed Peas, the Pussycat Dolls and Gwen Stefani. Those are big names. What did you think of them?
R: They were all nice. Especially Gwen. I thought she was gonna be diva-like, but she's really down-to-earth. So are bep and pcd.
I'm planning to make 'interviews' an official new section of FM. I already did an interview with LaTavia Roberson, and now Rihanna. I'm planning more in the future.
New Singles
Danity Kane/Home For Christmas
This is their new Christmas song. I like it! Their voices flow perfectly with the song.

Mashonda & 911/Can't Handle Me
JustBlaaaaazee!!! This is a fantastic song. I totally love it. When is Mashonda coming back? I loved January Joy.

New Albums
Dreamgirls OST

I haven't listened yet, but when I do, I'll put up a review.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Albums
Ciara/Ciara: The Evolution (Album Clips)
I am totally diggin' these clips!!! CiCi is bringing the heat again, y'all!!!! Can't wait for the full versions of the songs.
New Singles
Ashley Tisdale/Not Like That (Clip)
This has a jazz feel to it. It's also Middle-Eastern flavored, like "He Said, She Said". I like it!! I can't wait for Ashley's debut, Headstrong, due Feb. 14.
Ashley Tisdale/So Much For You (Clip)
I don't like this song at all. The beat is boring and overused. The only bearable thing about it is Ashley's voice. The lyrics are a bit cheesy, as well.
Ashley Tisdale/We'll Be Together (Clip)
This song was written by Diane Warren. It's a beautiful rock song, and I'm totally feeling this. It's like a cross between Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson.
Hilary Duff/With Love (Clip) *FM Exclusive*
I'm lovin' this!!! The beat is hypnotic and totally hot, and the lyrics show a mature side of Hil. This is the second single off her new album, ...With Love, also due Feb. 14. I she going with an urban feel for her new album? I hope so!
Brooke Hogan/Believe *FM Exclusive*
This is a song from Brooke's unreleased album, This Voice, that I got from EBay. I am NOT posting the whole album, so don't request it. Anyways, I wanted to upload this because alot of people should listen to it. It's empowering and inspiring. Check this out!
Bow Wow/4 Corners
I hate Bow Wow, but surprisingly, I liked this song. The beat is HAWT and has potential, but it should've been given to a better artist, but still... Bow Wow did step his game up.
Credit: Los-Angeles-Hottest-Music
Here are the AMAs Videos:
Nelly Furtado/Say It Right


Jay-Z/Show Me What U Got

Mary J Blige/We Ride

Saturday, November 18, 2006

New Singles
Gwen Stefani/Wind It Up (Neptunes Remix)
This is the new official remix to Gwen Stefani's new single. I am sooo lovin' this!!!!!
Gwen Stefani/The Sweet Escape (Feat. Akon) (Full)
Credit: New-Music-Now
Now this is my jam!!!! This is the second single off The Sweet Escape, and it's bangin'!!
Gwen Stefani/Yummy (Feat. Pharrell)
Credit: Kaijin
The beat is hypnotic and sexy. I didn't think Gwen would make a better album than L.A.M.B., but she definitely did!!!
Gwen Stefani/Now That U Got It (Prod. by Swizz Beatz)
Another example of why to get Gwen's new album. I know I will!!!!!!
Avril Lavigne/Keep Holdin' On (HQ)
This is a new song from the upcoming OST to the movie Eragon. It's very inspirational and empowering. I like it! Speaking of Eragon, the book was really nice! I can't wait for the movie!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Albums
I'm so lovin' this album!!!!!! The clips didn't do it any justice... I even LOVE "Watch It"!!! If it comes out in the U.S., I'm definitely buying it!!
New Videos
Monica/A Dozen Roses
I love this video!!! Monica was acting all ghetto in "Everytime Tha Beat Drop", and it worked for her, but this is the Mo we all know and came to love. R&B Diva Sexy Mo!! I really hope this gets her album back up in the charts. Where are the hardcore Monica fans?
Nivea/Watch It
I heard that in Japan they have the 'Video causes seizure' thingy before they play this video... for real!! I couldn't see anything in this video and it was all hapening sooooo fast... It doesn't do the song any justice... I hope she does better for her second single.
WMA Coverage
The World Music Awards, as hosted by Lindsay Lohan, has finished... Presenters include Nicole Richie, Sugababes and Delta Goodrem, while performers include Chris Brown (who performed a tribute to Michael Jackson), Rihanna and Nelly Furtado. When will it air on TV?? Anyways, Michael Jackson did NOT perform "Thriller". Beyonce performed three songs "Deja Vu", "Ring The Alarm" and "Irreplaceable". Pictures below. Bee also won BEST SELLING R&B ARTIST, while Nelly Furtado won BEST SELLING POP/ROCK ARTIST. Michael Jackson was also presented the DIAMOND AWARD by Beyonce. Bee looked amazing when she performed "Irreplaceable"!! Congrats to her and Nelly Furtado!!! Rihanna for sure gets the best dressed!! She performed "Unfaithful", I think.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Albums
Tamia/Between Friends
This is the U.S. version of the amazing new album by Tamia. If u didn't already, I reccomend u get this album from the stores ASAP! I know I did!

Gwen Stefani/The Sweet Escape (Clips)
This sounds soooo much better than L.A.M.B.!! I can't wait for the full versions. I know I'm gettin' this album the first day it comes out!!

New Singles
The Game - Chillin'
This is a nice track. It's a bonus from The Game's latest, The Doctor's Advocate. It should of been on the album...

R&B Gossip

That's what fans of Alesha Dixon have been posting on various message boards and not to mention Javine's MySpace... I am proud to mention I am one of them!! LMAO!!! U gotta admit that Javine does kinda look like a horse... LOL!! I know it's mean, and it's hurting her feelings, but I didn't make it, so I feel 0 guilt so far... What Harvey did to Alesha is soooo stupid... I hope Alesha comes back with a storm and releases an angry diss song that is sure to make the clubs go crazy!!! I love u, A!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Singles
Fantasia/Not The Way I Do
Kwame did it. I am so digging this track!! This is my style of music!! I can't wait for her new album. Fantasia sounds sooo smooth over mysterious hypnotic Kwame beats. I so reccomend this!
Timbaland (Feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake)/Give It 2 Me
SMHF @ JT dissing Janet and Prince... He only had two albums and Janet had like 10! He is sooo conceited... Back to the track, I actually like it. I thought that Timbo's solo career would sound cheesy, but he's doing his thing! Plus, Nelly Furtado made me like this song even more!! Her flow is sooooo cool.
Credit: Chris-Pix
Music News

1. "Da Baddest Bit*ch II (Intro)"
2. "Bit*ch Is Back"
3. "All Night"
4. "Get Yo Party On"
5. "Centerfold Girl"(FIRST SINGLE)
6. "Not Gonna (Give It Up)"
7. "Class Act"
8. "Dat Fire" (featuring Lil' Wayne)
9. "Be Right Back"
10. "(The Floor, the Couch, the Bed) and Back"
11. "Clubbin'"
12. "The Raunchy Song"
13. "Naughty Girl's" (featuring Fergie)
14. "Booty Bounce"
15. "I Want Yo Hot Stuff"
16. "RockStarr"
17. "Thank You"
18 . "4 All My Bit*ches - Outro"
Da Baddest Bit*ch II is the fourth full-length studio album by Miami based
rapper Trina. It is speculated to be released December 19, 2006. It has been
found that some of the songs on the album will either be produced or featured by
Cash Money Records artists, mainly because Trina is currently dating Cash Money
artist Lil' Wayne. She has also lined up an all-star production team consisting
of Jazze Pha, Kanye West, Timbaland, and Scott Storch. This is said to be the
sequel to Trina's 2000 debut Da Baddest Bit*ch. It is also said to be her
raunchiest album to date. As shown to be true through titles such as The Raunchy
Song, (The Floor, the Couch, the Bed) And Back), and Centerfold Girl.There was
some speculation as to when a single would be released and which song would it
be. Well many said that RockStarr and others said it would be Bit*ch Is Back or
Dat Fire. But it has been found that Centerfold Girl will be the first single
and it will be released sometime in early December.

Sounds exciting!! Especially the song wit Fergie. I'll put up the cover ASAP. This computer can't put photos on Blogger. *rolls eyes*

Ciara hearts the '80s, and it shows on the 21-year-old singer's sophomore album, "Ciara: The Evolution", due in stores December 5th. "There was a certain way a record used to groove back in the day. I wanted to go back to what I really loved growing up," says Ciara, who co-produced the album. "With my last album (2004's "Goodies"), I was going with the flow, but here I was able to start from scratch. It started with me just having a clear vision of where I wanted to go."First, that meant drawing from fellow danceaholics like Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson and TLC. Second, Harris wanted to get more personal. "I challenged myself to think deeper and open up more to my fans, because I've been a very private person," she says.The Atlanta-bred singer explains that "Goodies" (Sho'Nuff Records), which has sold 3 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, kept things "fun and simple," spawning energetic cuts like "1, 2 Step" and the title track, which topped The Billboard Hot 100 for seven straight weeks.But "Ciara: The Evolution" pulls a bait-and-switch, leading with the sensual ballad "Promise", produced by Polow Da Don. "I didn't know what people expected me to do with this record because of the (slow) tempo," Ciara says of the song's sultry music video, which finds her gyrating with a microphone. "I wanted to make sure you felt like you were still watching a Ciara video, but that you also felt 'The Evolution'."Most likely, "Like A Boy" or "I Proceed" will be the next single. She also said she will probably do another ballad as her 4th single [ Produced by Bryan Michael Cox ]
Ciara: The Evolution Tracklisting:
1. That's Right (Feat. Lil' Jon)
2. Like A Boy
3. The Evolution Of Music (Interlude)
4. Promise
5. I Proceed
6. Can't Leave 'Em Alone (Feat. 50 Cent)
7. C.R.U.S.H
8. My Love
9. The Evolution Of Dance (Interlude)
10. Make It Last Forever
11. Bang It Up
12. Get Up (Feat. Chamillionaire)
13. The Evolution Of Fashion (Interlude)
14. Get In, Fit In
15. The Evolution Of C (Interlude)
16. So Hard
17. I'm Just Me (Feat. Pharrell)
18. I Found Myself

Happy it's a long album!!! I can't wait!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Well, I never commented on Britney's divorce with K-Fed, so here is what I think about it: I think that Brit doesn't deserve the shit he put her through. If she didn't leave him, it would put a stain on her career. I think divorcing him is the right choice, since Brit seems much happier than she did three weeks ago. Also, she's just in time for a fresh new start with the new year! I wish Brit all the luck in her career and personal life. Sincerely, a true Britney Spears fan. -- In other news, Christina Aguilera's third album, Back To Basics, has just been confirmed PLATINUM. Umm... isn't it too late, Baby Jane? Christina also made an apperence on SNL. She performed "Hurt", ANOM and "Steppin' Up". She craked up a little during "Hurt" 'cause her grandmother just passed away... -- Trina seems to be joining Terror Squad after a member of TS joined her onstage when she performed a new song at a party. Where's Remy?
New Albums
Jay-Z/Kingdom Come

1. The Prelude
2. Oh My God
3. Kingdom Come
4. Show Me What You Got
5. Lost Ones (Featuring Chrisette Michelle)
6. 30 Something
7. I Made It
8. Do U Wanna Ride (Featuring John Legend)
9. Anything (Featuring Usher & Pharrell)
10. Hollywood (Featuring Beyonce)
11. Dig a Hole (Featuring Sterling Simms)
12. Trouble
13. Minority Report (Featuring Ne-Yo)
14. Beach Chair (Featuring Chris Martin Of Coldplay)
Credit: Los-Angeles-Hottest-Music
Whoa, can you say early leak? LMAO! Anyways, it was refreshing hearing this album. At first, I thought Jay was gonna mess this up, but he came back hard! I'm addicted to "Hollywood" and "Beach Chair"!
New Singles
It's All Over
They're all hot! Especially "Dreamgirls". I can't wait for the Dreamgirls OST!
Family (Snippet)
It's refershing to hear something new of Bee. All in all, a nice track to lean back to with important messages.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

LaTavia Roberson

I mentioned that LaTavia Roberson agreed to do an interview with me, so here it is! She talks about everything from acting to working with Jagged Edge. Check it out:
Funky Media: So, how are you doing, Tavia?
LaTavia Roberson: I'm doin' fine! I'm here in H-Town laying down some tracks for my upcoming mixtape.
FM: Your working on a mixtape?
LR: Yes! I am workin with Brian Casey and Teddy Bishop. Look for new trax I'll put on here!
FM: Sounds exciting!
LR: It is. Trust me, the whole vibe is real different than DC.
FM: Your also working with Teddy Bishop? LeToya worked with him, too.
LR: Toya actually hooked me up wit him. You see, I came to visit her in the studio and he was there. My nickname for Teddy is 'Teddy Bear'!
FM: You were also in a girl group with LeToya called Anjel. What happened back there?
LR: Honestly the whole thing didn't work out. The trax we put out were a mess and we didn't have a particular style.
FM: Really? I thought the tracks were kinda cute. Especially "Lingerie".
LR: That was one of the highlights. That's why it was great. The rest was all bland.
FM: What musical direction are you going with as a solo artist, and which artists do you look up to?
LR: My music has a jazzy feel to it, with a hip-hop twist. Think Mary J. meets Lil' Kim. Also, I admire Whitney Houston. I sampled her song "Dance With Somebody" for a song of mine. I also love Tamia and Monica.
FM: You recently mentioned that you love acting. Are you acting in something now?
LR: I am looking at scripts right now, and I also might make an appearence on the show Lost.
FM: I'm looking forward to that!! Anyways, can you tell me album and song titles?
LR: The mixtape is called I'm Back and songs include "No", "So Real" and "Crazy Feelings".
FM: Thanks for taking the time for me to interview you!
LR: No problem! :)

Well, after staying OUT of the spotlight for a couple of years, LaTavia Roberson, the unfamous ex DC memeber is hard at work on her upcoming album. I sent her a message on her MySpace, and she agreed to do an interview. Expect it up later today. Anyways, I like Tavia, but check this shit out, LaTavia's version of "Irreplaceable".
Intro: By myself, By myself By myself, By myself By myself, By myself Everybody
gone now I'm all by myself Verse 1: They gave me my suitcase with all my stuff
Yes, they kicked me out and wont stay in touch (in touch) And keep on forgettin
me thats fine But could you send me a post card sometime And, I know LeToya you
got a hit song So come pick me up, cause I'm all alone Pre: Standing at my
register Thinking how I'm such a fool Talkin bout how i should leave the group
wit you God I'm stupid Chorus You all must kno bout me,you just cant forget bout
me I was also in DC for a minute Matter fact, watch the old videos I'm in it
(baby) You all must kno bout me, you just cant forget bout me Bee can you please
call me by tomorrow So if your looking 4 a bag carrier I'm Available Verse 2
Fine go ahead, dont call. I'm go call this chick And see if shes home OOPS,I
thought she gave me the real number Why did I think she was my friend again fo
Because I know I was untrue Rolling with Jagged Edge talkin about you Bee talk
to me please Hurry up my minutes aint free Pre Standing at my register Thinking
how I'm such a fool Talkin bout how i should leave the group wit you God I'm
stupid Chorus You all must kno bout me,you just cant forget bout me I was also
in DC for a minute Matter fact, watch the old videos I'm in it (baby) You all
must kno bout me, you just cant forget bout me Kelly can you please call me by
tomorrow So if your looking 4 another assistant I'm Available Bridge So since
I'm erased from yall memories How about I have a press release And talk about
all of you Kelly I'm not even go get on you I'm the one that bought Simply Deep
Cuz I wanna try to mend things I'm Available with what ever you need By myself,
By myself By myself, By myself (uummmm) By myself, By myself Everybody gone now
I'm all by myself By myself, By myself So Bee if you ever need anything I'm
Available You all must kno bout me,you just cant forget bout me I was also in DC
for a minute Matter fact, watch the old videos I'm in it (baby) You all must kno
bout me, you just cant forget bout me Hell even Michelle can call me tomorrow So
if your ever looking 4 a backup baby You all must kno bout me,you just cant
forget bout me I was also in DC for a minute Matter fact, watch the old videos
I'm in it (baby) Yall packed all my bags But we're not finished Cuz I saw the DC
tribute I wasnt in it So can anyone call me tomorrow Because if yall ever need
anything at all I'm Available (oooooo)
///I got this from the Shany forum, who got it from another forum. That is rude, but I gotta admit, that shit is hilarious!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Singles
Mary J Blige/We Ride
I love this song!!! It's from her upcoming greatest hits album out Dec. 12th. "We Ride" really has potential! I got that 'Be Without U' feel when I listened to it.
I've also got mp3s of two new Ciara songs live. Look later for them!
New Album Covers
Gwen Stefani/Sweet Escape

Parental Advisory? Whoa, Gwen!! Anyways, the album cover is alright... nothing special.
Jay-Z/Kingdom Come

The cover is cool.... I won't get the album, though... :)

I went to the Ciara concert that was held here in Boston October 30th. This is what she performed:
Intro/Promise (Prod. by Don Da Polow)
Goodies (Prod. by Lil' Jon)
Make It Last Forever (Prod. by Darkchild)
I'm Just Me (Prod. by Pharrell)
Oh!/1, 2 Step (Medley)
Like A Boy (Prod. by Jazze Pha)
Dance Break/Get Up (W/ Chamillionaire) (Prod. by Jazze Pha)
Do It (Prod. by Will.I.Am)
I love the new songs! They were blazing hot!! Especially "Like A Boy"!! Don't believe the rumors, though. Bow Wow wasn't there, she wasn't booed and she DID sing live! Speaking of Bow Wow, he wrote (don't laugh!) a song called "System", and it's supposedly 'bout Cici.... WTF?!?

Her album is coming out November 15 in Japan, and (rumored) Nov. 21 here in the U.S....
I don't really believe it, though, 'cause she's on a Japanese label. Anyways, her new single is posted below.

New Singles
Nivea/Watch It (Full) (MQ) (Prod. by Tricky Stewart)
It's good... It could be a hit... I love 'Trapstar' much more though!
Bone Thugs/So Crazy (Feat. Kelly Rowland)
This song is really hot! Kelly killed it!! Bone Thugs' new album is already out in Japan.