Friday, April 27, 2007

Music Videos
Mya/Lock U Down
I love this video! This is definitely one of Mya's best videos. The dancing is awesome! Mya, as usual, looked beautiful. This song is my favorite song at the moment.
[watch and dl at]
THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO OF 2007 SO FAR. The effects, the dancing, the clothes... everything is wonderful!! Rihanna did not disappoint!
Music News
In other Mya news, according to, this is the tracklisting for Liberation:
1. “Liberation”
2. “I Am” featuring Charli Baltimore
3. “Walka Not A Talka” featuring Snoop Dogg
4. “Still A Woman”
5. “No Touchin’”
6. “Lock U Down” featuring Lil’ Wayne
7. “Lights Go Off”
8. “Ridin’”
9. “Switch It Up”
10. “Give a Chick a Hand”
11. “All in the Name of Love”
12. “Life Is Too Short”
13. “Nothin’ At All”
I cannot wait! Liberation due June 26.