Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Singles
Ashley Tisdale Bonus Tracks
I Will Be Me
I'm really loving this track. It's a nice, laidback ballad that would've fit perfectly on the album.
Who I Am
This has a techno-y feel to it. It is hot!!!!
It's Life
Another techno jam!! These bonuses should've really been on the album. I'm loving them.
Jennifer Lopez/Como Ama Una Mujer (Samples)
These are just instrumental clips of songs on Como Ama Una Mujer. They are short, but you can tell what the feel of the album is. Jennifer is taking a break from her usual pop/R&B songs, and is going for a ballad/rock route. It works for her. I like it. Como Ama Una Mujer in stores April 3rd.