Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Singles
Aly and AJ/The Potential Breakup Song (HQ)
I love this! It's techno poppish. Different than their usul rock sound. Insomniatic due July 10th!
Black Buddafly/Dirty Lick Tricks
New Black Buddafly! The now duo have been hard t work on their debut album. The first single will be revealed soon. I like this. It reminds me of "Rock-A-Bye".
Brooke Valentine/Ghettolicious
This was posted on Brooke's official MySpace. It is part of a new mixtape, which will be out soon. Enjoy!
Cassie (Feat. Ryan Leslie)/Sometimes
New Cassie!! This is a nice, laid-back mid-tempo joint. I'm liking it! It has a Summer-y feel to it. Cass' voice has improved, clearly! Good job!
Chilli/Glidin' (HQ CD-RIP)
This is a contender for the first single from Chilli's debut album. It's a mid-tempo with a crunk-ish feel to it. It has haard beats.