Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sorry for another post!!! DAMN blogspot won't let me post more than 200 words!

New Singles
Kat DeLuna (Feat. Elephant Man & Ivy Queen)/Whine Up (Spanish)
Nearly all blogs posted the original, but I am leving you the Spanish version of it. I love Kat's boice, and the beat is bangin'! Her debut album, 9 Lives, is out soon!
Megan Rochell/It's Only You
Another ballad from the Def Jam artist. She is definitely being slept on! Her music is AMAZING! I will be posting the advance of her album REAL SOON, so look out for it!
Samantha Jade/Boyfriend
Produced by Darkchild. This is siiiiick. You should downloa dthis ASAP! Samantha does not disappoint!
Timbaland and Paula DeAnda/The Time Is Right (Clip)
Another unreleased Timbo joint. This time, it's with Paula DeAnada. It's just a clip, but I'm liking what I heard...
Recommended Single
Gia Farrell/Got Me Like Oh!
"Hit Me Up" singer. This is a funky, pop song with an R&B influence. Must download! Check it out!
P.S. I upped all these!! SHOCKER!