Monday, September 10, 2007

First of all, I'd like to say that Britney did not suck and did NOT do horrible. She was nervous because... SHOCKER! It's her first televised performance in what? 4 years, is it? PLUS she overheard that FUCKING BITCH FROM FUCKING HELL Sarah Silverman backstage SECONDS before the show. That bitch should've gotten BANNED FROM MTV after what she did to poor Paris Hilton. MTV, fuck you! If you take a look at the VMAs rehearsal for "Gimme More" here:

So much energy and confidence... Take a look at how badly words can hurt...:

Stupid Sarah Silverman ruined her performance... She should go hide under a rock or something because SHE FUCKING SUCKS. I hate her, and I don't hate anyone for anything. I am really sad. So much potential... By the way, what the hell happened with the Criss Angel thing? There was no magic... Britney, contrary to what people say, we still support you. Always have, always will.
Back to the VMAs, the show was seriously horrible. I was confused. What was actually happening? There were all these different rooms and places, I got dizzy!
EDIT: Just read an article on USA Today saying Ashanti rolled her eyes and walked away when she was asked about Britney's performance. Boo Shany!! Didn't think you were like that! For real, KARMA.
Back to the VMAs AGAIN, they were so boring!!! I only liked Rihanna's performances, Alicia Keys' performance and MOST OF ALL Nicole Scherzinger's. Later tonight, I will be posting some EXCLUSIVES. Be on the look out!