Thursday, December 28, 2006

Okay, so here is the 3rd FUNKY-MEDIA interview, and I really enjoyed this one. I interviewed the amazing SILENA MURRELL. Here is the interview:

Q1: I recently saw the video of you performing on your MySpace. You did amazing!!! How do you keep your beautiful voice in shape?
I do funny sounding vocal exercises, warm-ups etc. The show I did in Virginia was hectic I didn't have time to warm up or anything. We were stuck in the airport taveling 17 hrs and I had to run right on stage and perform straight from the airport. LOL The show must go on. :)

Q2: Your song, "Dying 2 Tell U", is amazing!! Can you tell me other song titles?
Other song titles are "Stand Up" encouraging women or men to stand alone for a while until the right one comes along. "Just Asking" - asking the true intentions of a potential soul mate :)
Q3: "I Like My Man Hard", produced by Scott Storch, was supposed to be your first single. Why did you change it to "Bring It Home"? Was it because of Chris Brown's copycat single?
No It was because the label took too long to move on it. But It was the official soundtack to the Book "Sex.Lies.Muder.Fame" written by Lolita Files. It was the first time a book had a sound track. :) The label wanted people to know that I'm a real singer. I thought Bring It Home was a good single -people always enjoy it when I perform it live.
Q4: What is the title of your album? When will it be released?

The title of my album and release I can not disclose. There have been major changes even with my label, which are better for me. It will take a little while longer for my album to release but It is definitely a better situation and strategy for success..
Q5: What are your favorite songs and/or albums at the moment? (Please don't say Justin Timberlake)

I like Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" :) I don't have a favorite song or album right now. I've been listening to old stuff.
Q6: What should fans, like myself, expect of your album? Will it be uptempo or all ballads?

My album is going to be a combination of uptempo, mids and ballads but it's definitely going to feel good. :)
Q7: Are you single, or are you in a relationship?

I've been single for a while now and I like it. ;) Freedom has its rewards.
Q8: You are one of the few artists that REALLY contacts their fans. How do you find the time to do that with your hectic schedule?

I have someone assist me in alot of things so it makes it a little easier. It may take me some time to respond ,but I will. :)
Q9: What producers did you work with, and who do you want to work with?

I would like to work with Polo, Timbeland, and B.Cox. I have worked with Adonis Shropshire, Scott Storch, Eric Dawkins, Tricky Stewart, Ralph Stacey, Steve Huff etc..
Q10: There are rumors floating around that Diane Martel, who directed videos for Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson, is going to direct the video for "Bring It Home". Is that true?

Not that I know of.
Q11: Your songwriting is fantastic!! I still get chills listening to the lyrics of The Braxton's "Never Say Goodbye". Where do you get your inspiration?

Thank you. My inspiration is life. I wrote that from the heart. I try to write from the heart or other's hearts. :)
Q12: Is it true that you worked with Makeba Riddick and Swizz Beatz?

I co-wrote three songs with Mekeba Riddick but I have not worked with Swiz z Beatz -not yet anyway. That might be a good idea ha ha ha :)
Comment: Thank you so much for letting me do an interview. I wish you all the best in whatever you want to do. You are an amazing person, and it shows that you put so much effort in your singing and songwriting.
Thank you for your kind words. This is a crazy business I'm in and genuine people as yourself are a real treat. :) God bless!