Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sorry for not updating, don't kill me! LOL!! Anyways, I will TRY to update everyday...
R&B Gossip/News
Avril Lavigne's upcoming album, Best Damn Thing, is coming out in March. The set will be preceeded by the Dr. Luke (Paris Hilton, Kelis) single, "Girlfriend". This is the rumored tracklisting for the album:
1. Best Damn Thing
2. Extinction
3. Unsolved Mysteries
4. (I Could Do So Much Better) Without U
5. Girlfriend (U Don't Really Know)
6. Bump This
7. No More Secrets
8. (All The Crazy People) Get Ya Ass In Here
9. Keep Holdin' On
10. Breather
11. What Life Is
12. Meant To Be
13. This Goes Out (Dedication)
14. I Found True Love
15. Hectic
16. Like It Or Not (iTunes Bonus)
17. I Don't Trust Ya (Japan Bonus)
18. Mountains & Hills (Japan Bonus)
Avril also had studio sessions with Ben Moody, ex-member of Evanescence, but she didn't put any on the album, becuase they wouldn't 'fit on the album's up-tempo feel', reports MTV News.
According to Wikipedia, the album was supposed to be titled Unsolved Mysteries, but was changed at last minute.
New Singles
Cherish/Ghetto Mentality
I like this song. The lyrics aren't deep, but the beat is pure hotness. Definitely single material!
I'm currently working on blending Katharine McPhee songs so they become 2 minutes and a half or three.