Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sorry for not updating... I have had MAJOR homework the last couple of days before the holiday. Anyways, I'll be updating every day from now on!!! :)

God, I am sooooo in LOVE with Katharine McPhee now!!! She is simply amazing!!! Anyways, here are two FANTASTIC new songs from her upcoming album, NEVER SAW IT COMIN'.

I Lost You (Prod. by Underdogs)
"I Lost You" is a perfect nice laidback joint. I totally love it!!!! The lyrics are deep as well. It's also reminiscent of Beyonce's "Listen". No wonder, considering who produced it. Still an amazing song, nonetheless.
Dangerous (Prod. by Danja)
It's rare that you get a song like this these days... powerful lyrics, powerful voice, amazing beat. This is my jam right now!!!!

By now, I'm sure ALL of u downloaded and heard the two new Ashley Tisdale songs, so I won't post them. Anyways, here is my reviews:
He Said, She Said
This song is a club banga!!!!! It's soooo hot!!!!! Can't wait to see the video!
Techno/Rock/R&B/Pop... All in one!!!! I liked the live version better, but this is nice. I like it.
R&B News/Gossip
Willa Ford is working on her sophomore album as we speak!!! The songstress/dancer/writer/producer/choreagropher/actress (LOL!) is coming back with a new album 'filled with hypnotic pop sounds.', according to her. Willa was asked to return to DANCING WITH CELEBS, but she denied so she could focus on her new album. Willa also has a shelved album under her belt, SEXYSEXOBSSESIVE, which included the Top 50 hit, "A Toast To Men". It was never released because of legal reasons. (???) -- Kelly Rowland's upcoming album, titled MISS KELLY, will be preceeded by the single, "I'm Cool", according to Wiki. The set includes production by Rich Harrison, Sean Garrett and Soulshock & Karlin, among others. It's due Feb. 21. -- Trina's upcoming album, Da Baddest Bitch II, has been pushed back to Spring '07. The first single is "Centerfold Girl".