Thursday, October 26, 2006

I got tons of e-mails saying the same thing: Update!
I swear that's what they said! 5 were from the same e-mail, and the other 4 were each by a different e-mail. What should I update with? Huh? Check BP! It's all crap now. Nothing good... I WILL start to post some alternative songs (rock, pop, etc.). Okay, I will post crappy Akon songs, jeez!
Froze (f/ T-Pain)
What can I say? The beat is hot, Akon is just *blah* and T-Pain? Don't get me started! LMAO!
And yet anotha one, it's a crappy one! LMAO! Two sucked ("Show Me What U Got", this one) and one was good ("Kingdom Come"). Here's a new song by Mr. HOV from his upcoming album KINGDOM COME.
Lost Ones
Credit: Chris-Pix
While 20 Y.O. continues to pummel down the charts, JD and Virgin continue to battle. As you know, JD left Virgin because he believed they didn't promote her right. That's all crap talk, 'cause she got hella promotion! Recently, producer Kwame (Mya "I Am", Christina Aguilera "Understand") visited a radio station and they asked him about the songs he did with Janet. He said he did 5 songs for her, and one was called "The Truth". He also said the song Janet did with Dr. Dre would make Beyonce's "Ring The Alarm" look like a lullaby! Why the fuck wasn't it on the album? “ASK JIMMY AND TERRY HOW THEY FELT WHEN JERMAINE CAME OVER AND CHANGED ALMOST EVERYTHING” that's what he said!! Blame JD!!!! I do blame him for destroying the career of one of the biggest female singers of all time. SMHF!