Monday, October 30, 2006

Rich Harrison
Rich was recently on a radio stationand he was interviewed. My friend managed to record the interview for me. Here are the highlights:

- He's working on the upcoming projects by 3LW, Kelly Rowland, Claudette Ortiz and Usher, among others.
- He did three songs for 3LW, but he doesn't know which ones will make it on the album. The songs he did are called "Do Ya", "No Matter What" and "Senses".
- Rich described the songs he did for Kelly Rowland as 'hip-hop meets burlesque'. "The songs I did for Kelly are really different than my usual sound." says Rich, "The particular song is "Up In Da Club". It's just very sexy". I CAN'T WAIT!
- He wrote a song called "Chickenhead" with Claudette Ortiz, but it may never see the light of day. "It's too controversial" he said. :(
- Usher was mad at Rich for giving his 2004 song "Ride" to J. Lo, but everything's fine now. Rich is even producing 6 songs off of Ush's upcoming album!!