Saturday, October 14, 2006

That's What U R -Full-
By now, all of u have downloaded the other song, "Take Control", but here's an xclusive! This was posted on her MySpace. Remember when I posted a clip? Here's the full version. It's a part of her upcoming album, Because I Love It, which includes production by The Buchanans ("That's What U Are", "Crazy Wonderful", "Make Me Believe", "Crush"), Ron Browz ("After Everything"), Quran Goodman ("Some Like It", "Doesn't Make Sense"), Cee-Lo Green ("Take Control"), Rich Harrison ("Back", "Whatever I Say", "The Essence Of Love"), Tim & Bob ("One Night") and DJ Premier. I loved that she worked with a more variety of producers, than just 2 or 3.
Anyways, I'm lovin' what I'm hearin' from my girl!
EDIT: Rumor has it that Tim & Bob gave her the song they produced for Mya's shelved album, CONTROL FREAK. Hope it's true!! The beat def. works with her voice!