Thursday, January 11, 2007

Finally updating!!! YAY!!
New Singles
Ciara/Get Up (Zone 4 Remix) (Feat. Polow)
Wow!!! Hot remix. Polow sings???? The song is mysterious... in a good way! It includes new vocals and lyrics, and it's refreshing.
Okay, so that song "Work Out" is not by Keyshia Cole. It's by Akelee. It's still a banga, though, so check it out!
I am soooo anticipating the new Hilary Duff song and album!!!!!!!! Someone mentioned that she'll be on TRL next week, so maybe she'll premiere it!!!!
Shakira/Pure Intuition
English version of a song on ORAL FIXATION VOL. 1!!! I'm feelin' this! I also have the reggaeton spanglish version, which I'll up in a few.
Recently, a few tracks by leaked and are reportedly NEW. They are not. They are from a mixtape titled Must B 21. will is not working on a solo album, the BEP are working on a new album.