Saturday, January 13, 2007

The music scene has been quiet than ever nowadays... These are 3 music videos that premiered today:
EMMA BUNTON/All I Need To Know (Changing Me)
I was so touched by this video. I like it. It's elegant and Emma looks beautiful than ever. I like this song much more than "Downtown". I hope this is the hit that will propell her sales up. Life In Mono in stores now!
Vanessa Hudgens/Say OK
I was very dissapointed by this. I thought it'd be a nice video, but it turns out it's a live video. I already saw this video ages ago in concert. Hot song, sucky video.
All Saints/Chick Fit
I have to admit... I'm enjoying their album!! The songs are catchy and good!! Speaking of the video, it's very hot!!! I'm loving this song more and more now!!
Drew Seeley's album is rumored to be out this Spring. Seriously, I've been waiting for this album from forever!!! I read on Wiki that it leaked in full, but I couldn't find a link. HELP!!
Victoria Beckham is amazing!!!! I love every song I've heard from her! I even made an album with unreleased songs I found. Come Back, VICTORIA!!