Thursday, November 02, 2006

I went to the Ciara concert that was held here in Boston October 30th. This is what she performed:
Intro/Promise (Prod. by Don Da Polow)
Goodies (Prod. by Lil' Jon)
Make It Last Forever (Prod. by Darkchild)
I'm Just Me (Prod. by Pharrell)
Oh!/1, 2 Step (Medley)
Like A Boy (Prod. by Jazze Pha)
Dance Break/Get Up (W/ Chamillionaire) (Prod. by Jazze Pha)
Do It (Prod. by Will.I.Am)
I love the new songs! They were blazing hot!! Especially "Like A Boy"!! Don't believe the rumors, though. Bow Wow wasn't there, she wasn't booed and she DID sing live! Speaking of Bow Wow, he wrote (don't laugh!) a song called "System", and it's supposedly 'bout Cici.... WTF?!?

Her album is coming out November 15 in Japan, and (rumored) Nov. 21 here in the U.S....
I don't really believe it, though, 'cause she's on a Japanese label. Anyways, her new single is posted below.

New Singles
Nivea/Watch It (Full) (MQ) (Prod. by Tricky Stewart)
It's good... It could be a hit... I love 'Trapstar' much more though!
Bone Thugs/So Crazy (Feat. Kelly Rowland)
This song is really hot! Kelly killed it!! Bone Thugs' new album is already out in Japan.