Thursday, November 09, 2006

LaTavia Roberson

I mentioned that LaTavia Roberson agreed to do an interview with me, so here it is! She talks about everything from acting to working with Jagged Edge. Check it out:
Funky Media: So, how are you doing, Tavia?
LaTavia Roberson: I'm doin' fine! I'm here in H-Town laying down some tracks for my upcoming mixtape.
FM: Your working on a mixtape?
LR: Yes! I am workin with Brian Casey and Teddy Bishop. Look for new trax I'll put on here!
FM: Sounds exciting!
LR: It is. Trust me, the whole vibe is real different than DC.
FM: Your also working with Teddy Bishop? LeToya worked with him, too.
LR: Toya actually hooked me up wit him. You see, I came to visit her in the studio and he was there. My nickname for Teddy is 'Teddy Bear'!
FM: You were also in a girl group with LeToya called Anjel. What happened back there?
LR: Honestly the whole thing didn't work out. The trax we put out were a mess and we didn't have a particular style.
FM: Really? I thought the tracks were kinda cute. Especially "Lingerie".
LR: That was one of the highlights. That's why it was great. The rest was all bland.
FM: What musical direction are you going with as a solo artist, and which artists do you look up to?
LR: My music has a jazzy feel to it, with a hip-hop twist. Think Mary J. meets Lil' Kim. Also, I admire Whitney Houston. I sampled her song "Dance With Somebody" for a song of mine. I also love Tamia and Monica.
FM: You recently mentioned that you love acting. Are you acting in something now?
LR: I am looking at scripts right now, and I also might make an appearence on the show Lost.
FM: I'm looking forward to that!! Anyways, can you tell me album and song titles?
LR: The mixtape is called I'm Back and songs include "No", "So Real" and "Crazy Feelings".
FM: Thanks for taking the time for me to interview you!
LR: No problem! :)