Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Singles
Fantasia/Not The Way I Do
Kwame did it. I am so digging this track!! This is my style of music!! I can't wait for her new album. Fantasia sounds sooo smooth over mysterious hypnotic Kwame beats. I so reccomend this!
Timbaland (Feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake)/Give It 2 Me
SMHF @ JT dissing Janet and Prince... He only had two albums and Janet had like 10! He is sooo conceited... Back to the track, I actually like it. I thought that Timbo's solo career would sound cheesy, but he's doing his thing! Plus, Nelly Furtado made me like this song even more!! Her flow is sooooo cool.
Credit: Chris-Pix
Music News

1. "Da Baddest Bit*ch II (Intro)"
2. "Bit*ch Is Back"
3. "All Night"
4. "Get Yo Party On"
5. "Centerfold Girl"(FIRST SINGLE)
6. "Not Gonna (Give It Up)"
7. "Class Act"
8. "Dat Fire" (featuring Lil' Wayne)
9. "Be Right Back"
10. "(The Floor, the Couch, the Bed) and Back"
11. "Clubbin'"
12. "The Raunchy Song"
13. "Naughty Girl's" (featuring Fergie)
14. "Booty Bounce"
15. "I Want Yo Hot Stuff"
16. "RockStarr"
17. "Thank You"
18 . "4 All My Bit*ches - Outro"
Da Baddest Bit*ch II is the fourth full-length studio album by Miami based
rapper Trina. It is speculated to be released December 19, 2006. It has been
found that some of the songs on the album will either be produced or featured by
Cash Money Records artists, mainly because Trina is currently dating Cash Money
artist Lil' Wayne. She has also lined up an all-star production team consisting
of Jazze Pha, Kanye West, Timbaland, and Scott Storch. This is said to be the
sequel to Trina's 2000 debut Da Baddest Bit*ch. It is also said to be her
raunchiest album to date. As shown to be true through titles such as The Raunchy
Song, (The Floor, the Couch, the Bed) And Back), and Centerfold Girl.There was
some speculation as to when a single would be released and which song would it
be. Well many said that RockStarr and others said it would be Bit*ch Is Back or
Dat Fire. But it has been found that Centerfold Girl will be the first single
and it will be released sometime in early December.

Sounds exciting!! Especially the song wit Fergie. I'll put up the cover ASAP. This computer can't put photos on Blogger. *rolls eyes*

Ciara hearts the '80s, and it shows on the 21-year-old singer's sophomore album, "Ciara: The Evolution", due in stores December 5th. "There was a certain way a record used to groove back in the day. I wanted to go back to what I really loved growing up," says Ciara, who co-produced the album. "With my last album (2004's "Goodies"), I was going with the flow, but here I was able to start from scratch. It started with me just having a clear vision of where I wanted to go."First, that meant drawing from fellow danceaholics like Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson and TLC. Second, Harris wanted to get more personal. "I challenged myself to think deeper and open up more to my fans, because I've been a very private person," she says.The Atlanta-bred singer explains that "Goodies" (Sho'Nuff Records), which has sold 3 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, kept things "fun and simple," spawning energetic cuts like "1, 2 Step" and the title track, which topped The Billboard Hot 100 for seven straight weeks.But "Ciara: The Evolution" pulls a bait-and-switch, leading with the sensual ballad "Promise", produced by Polow Da Don. "I didn't know what people expected me to do with this record because of the (slow) tempo," Ciara says of the song's sultry music video, which finds her gyrating with a microphone. "I wanted to make sure you felt like you were still watching a Ciara video, but that you also felt 'The Evolution'."Most likely, "Like A Boy" or "I Proceed" will be the next single. She also said she will probably do another ballad as her 4th single [ Produced by Bryan Michael Cox ]
Ciara: The Evolution Tracklisting:
1. That's Right (Feat. Lil' Jon)
2. Like A Boy
3. The Evolution Of Music (Interlude)
4. Promise
5. I Proceed
6. Can't Leave 'Em Alone (Feat. 50 Cent)
7. C.R.U.S.H
8. My Love
9. The Evolution Of Dance (Interlude)
10. Make It Last Forever
11. Bang It Up
12. Get Up (Feat. Chamillionaire)
13. The Evolution Of Fashion (Interlude)
14. Get In, Fit In
15. The Evolution Of C (Interlude)
16. So Hard
17. I'm Just Me (Feat. Pharrell)
18. I Found Myself

Happy it's a long album!!! I can't wait!!!