Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Albums
I'm so lovin' this album!!!!!! The clips didn't do it any justice... I even LOVE "Watch It"!!! If it comes out in the U.S., I'm definitely buying it!!
New Videos
Monica/A Dozen Roses
I love this video!!! Monica was acting all ghetto in "Everytime Tha Beat Drop", and it worked for her, but this is the Mo we all know and came to love. R&B Diva Sexy Mo!! I really hope this gets her album back up in the charts. Where are the hardcore Monica fans?
Nivea/Watch It
I heard that in Japan they have the 'Video causes seizure' thingy before they play this video... for real!! I couldn't see anything in this video and it was all hapening sooooo fast... It doesn't do the song any justice... I hope she does better for her second single.
WMA Coverage
The World Music Awards, as hosted by Lindsay Lohan, has finished... Presenters include Nicole Richie, Sugababes and Delta Goodrem, while performers include Chris Brown (who performed a tribute to Michael Jackson), Rihanna and Nelly Furtado. When will it air on TV?? Anyways, Michael Jackson did NOT perform "Thriller". Beyonce performed three songs "Deja Vu", "Ring The Alarm" and "Irreplaceable". Pictures below. Bee also won BEST SELLING R&B ARTIST, while Nelly Furtado won BEST SELLING POP/ROCK ARTIST. Michael Jackson was also presented the DIAMOND AWARD by Beyonce. Bee looked amazing when she performed "Irreplaceable"!! Congrats to her and Nelly Furtado!!! Rihanna for sure gets the best dressed!! She performed "Unfaithful", I think.