Thursday, November 23, 2006


I just logged onto My Space, and guess who I found online? Rihanna!!! I sent her a message immediately asking her if I could do an interview with her for the site. She replied YES!! She also said that she visited Funky-Media when her career first started because it popped up when she did a search of her name! (If you check back on the first FM site, you'll notice that Rihanna was in the first post EVER and that I refrained from posting her albums, and I promoted her. Anyways, here is the interview:
Funky-Media: So, you have just been on the World Music Awards...
Rihanna: Yeah.
FM:: So, you got booed, which is ridiculous. Your performance was amazing. I can't believe they did that.
R: Well, the music industry is like that. You have your ups, you have your downs. I'm just thankful that I'm in the music industry and that most of my career was great.
FM: So you aren't sad?
R: I was at first, because I put so much energy in the performance, but then I thought about it. Even the greatest artists have been booed at some point in their career, but it shouldn't make you feel bad. If anything, it should boost your career.
FM: That's so true. Anyways, you mentioned you visited Funky-Media before.
R: Yeah, I did. It was back in 2005. I'm thankful for all the coverage you did.
FM: Your welcome. Are you working on new material?
R: A new song of mine hotness ft. Shontelle is on the save the last dance 2 soundtrack. I'm also working on a new album but I'm taking my time. It's not rushed like a girl like me was.
FM: Who are you working with, and can you give me more detalis?
R: I'm working with Evan and Carl. I've also got future studio sessions with Stargate and JR. The album still has no release date or title.
FM: You have had a small role in the latest Bring It On movie, and you appeared on an episode of All My Children. Are you going to work on other movies?
R: I have gotten scripts, and I'm considering a few. Nothing too serious, though.
FM: You went on a tour with the Black Eyed Peas, the Pussycat Dolls and Gwen Stefani. Those are big names. What did you think of them?
R: They were all nice. Especially Gwen. I thought she was gonna be diva-like, but she's really down-to-earth. So are bep and pcd.
I'm planning to make 'interviews' an official new section of FM. I already did an interview with LaTavia Roberson, and now Rihanna. I'm planning more in the future.
New Singles
Danity Kane/Home For Christmas
This is their new Christmas song. I like it! Their voices flow perfectly with the song.

Mashonda & 911/Can't Handle Me
JustBlaaaaazee!!! This is a fantastic song. I totally love it. When is Mashonda coming back? I loved January Joy.