Sunday, November 12, 2006

Well, I never commented on Britney's divorce with K-Fed, so here is what I think about it: I think that Brit doesn't deserve the shit he put her through. If she didn't leave him, it would put a stain on her career. I think divorcing him is the right choice, since Brit seems much happier than she did three weeks ago. Also, she's just in time for a fresh new start with the new year! I wish Brit all the luck in her career and personal life. Sincerely, a true Britney Spears fan. -- In other news, Christina Aguilera's third album, Back To Basics, has just been confirmed PLATINUM. Umm... isn't it too late, Baby Jane? Christina also made an apperence on SNL. She performed "Hurt", ANOM and "Steppin' Up". She craked up a little during "Hurt" 'cause her grandmother just passed away... -- Trina seems to be joining Terror Squad after a member of TS joined her onstage when she performed a new song at a party. Where's Remy?
New Albums
Jay-Z/Kingdom Come

1. The Prelude
2. Oh My God
3. Kingdom Come
4. Show Me What You Got
5. Lost Ones (Featuring Chrisette Michelle)
6. 30 Something
7. I Made It
8. Do U Wanna Ride (Featuring John Legend)
9. Anything (Featuring Usher & Pharrell)
10. Hollywood (Featuring Beyonce)
11. Dig a Hole (Featuring Sterling Simms)
12. Trouble
13. Minority Report (Featuring Ne-Yo)
14. Beach Chair (Featuring Chris Martin Of Coldplay)
Credit: Los-Angeles-Hottest-Music
Whoa, can you say early leak? LMAO! Anyways, it was refreshing hearing this album. At first, I thought Jay was gonna mess this up, but he came back hard! I'm addicted to "Hollywood" and "Beach Chair"!
New Singles
It's All Over
They're all hot! Especially "Dreamgirls". I can't wait for the Dreamgirls OST!
Family (Snippet)
It's refershing to hear something new of Bee. All in all, a nice track to lean back to with important messages.